How Customized Gift Cards Can Uplift Your Business In the Modern Era

4 min readOct 29, 2021


How Customized Gift Cards Can Uplift Your Business In the Modern Era

People in this cashless era are looking for the most convenient way of making transactions at shops. Well, customized gift cards are something that can definitely provide a convenient and enhanced experience to the customers as well as the merchants. It was 1994 when such a thing had been invented. Since then, the popularity of gift cards is rapidly going upward. From marketers to retailers- everyone is using it in their business. Customized gift cards have become a part of business promotion. Apart from this, merchants are using it for increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, encouraging repeat purchases, and earning customer loyalties.

If we analyze the current era, it is very clear that the market of gift cards will not be going down. There is no sign of this and the e-commerce merchants are taking full advantage of customized gift cards. It does not matter whether it is purchasing flexibility or seamless convenience, the gift cards will certainly fulfill all your demands. It is fully customizable; in other words, we can say that you can set the value of gift cards as per your requirements. You can also set the availability and restrictions.

If you are into small businesses without the integration of customized gift cards, you are lagging behind. Thus, you can never beat your competitors as you cannot beat a strong customer base for your business. We at International Payment Solutions understand this situation very well. This is why, here, we will be telling you how customized gift cards can uplift businesses in the modern era.

Customized Gift Cards And E-commerce Business

Customized e-gift cards have a very inextricable connection with the e-commerce business. Talking about a customized gift card, it consists of a certain amount of money. In other words, we can say that it is a kind of prepaid card with certain limitations. You can use this card at a specific store. It means that if you have a gift card of any specific brand, you can use that card to purchase things of that product. You will have to utilize the card fully at the outlets of that brand. E-commerce merchants use this card to increase the number of repeat purchases and apart from this, it is a great tool to earn the loyalty of the customers.

There are different types of gift cards. Yes, you can have it either in physical form or in digital form. You can use digital gift cards on online platforms. Talking about the physical cards, they have barcodes or magnetic strips and you can use them at offline outlets such as brick-and-mortar stores. Well, you can also redeem e-gif cards at the store; you must have the gift card details while redeeming the card. Most e-commerce merchants offer a small number of customized gift cards to their loyal customers. Moreover, if a new customer does a big amount of transactions, he or she also receives customized gift cards. It makes the relationship between the merchant and the consumer stronger and it also increases the brand value of the business.

Key Benefits Of Using Customized Gift Cards

As of now, you have realized how e-commerce merchants are using these customized gift cards as a great marketing tool. Well, you can also use these cards in your business. It has endless advantages and here, we will be covering those things:

- Build Brand Awareness: One of the most efficient ways to increase brand awareness is by giving away gift cards. Yes, it consists of the name of your business and your consumers can also gift this to someone. Thus, it becomes cost-effective advertising. A physical gift card costs less than a billboard. You can also give away e-gift cards or virtual gift cards. It will promote the brand message among online consumers.

- Get More Holiday Sales: People generally redeem their gift cards during holiday sales. In other words, we can say that if you want to increase sales during the holidays, you need to pair your business with customized gift cards.

- Increase Customer Engagement: When customers have gift cards from your shop, it is quite evident that they will visit your store in the future. Therefore, with the help of customized gift cards, you can increase the number of repeat customers. In other words, we can say that gift cards help to increase customer engagement that actually plays a very crucial role in the development of your business.

- Get Useful Data: You can also get useful data from your customers with the help of customized gift cards. You can utilize them and thus, you can make customized offers for those consumers.

Not An IPS Merchant?

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