Payment Terminals: Accept Credit Card Payments Instantly

4 min readJun 24, 2021


Payment Terminals: Accept Credit Card Payments Instantly

Well, living in this modern era, if your business does not have access to advanced tools, you will not be able to put your business in a concrete position. Increasing the overall sales, maintaining cash flow, and, making the customer base stable are certain things that businessmen want to do. But, achieving the desired result is not as easy as it looks. Especially, if you are sticking to the old payment methods, your business will not attract customers. As a merchant, you need advanced payment terminals to elevate your business.

If you analyse the current market, you will understand that customers across the world are actually moving towards cashless transactions. They are preferring credit card and debit card payments over the pay-checks and cash payments. Now, amid this condition, you need to upgrade the business tools to survive. The market is highly competitive; things that you are offering are being offered by many businesses. In other words, the customers nowadays have a lot of options and they will always prefer the best.

Now, if we define the term ‘best’ in this scenario, it actually means that your business must have all the upgraded tools. Your business must have features through which the customers can pay online or the customers can make a contactless payment. Talking about the other departments such as product quality and services, well, these are up to you. You can make improvements on those things. But, if you do not have customers, you might not be able to take your business to a different level. For this, you need to provide the customers the true convenience. By having, modern payment terminals, you can do this easily.

Credit Card Payments And Payment Terminals

Accepting credit card payments in this modern era will always keep you ahead of other businessmen. Yes, it adds reliability and transparency to your business. Moreover, it reduces the overall transaction times. Now, the fact is that if you do not have advanced payment terminals, you cannot receive payments through credit cards.

If you are entirely new to this ecosystem, you might not know enough about the payment terminals. We at International Payment Solutions understand this very well. Therefore, here, we will give you a concrete idea about certain payment terminals. So, do not miss the following points:

Different Payment Terminals

- Virtual Terminal: Considering the current situation where the buyers are shopping online sitting at home, a virtual terminal will be very helpful. It is not an ordinary payment terminal that requires a physical credit card. Unlike other terminals, here, everything happens virtually. Yes, you do not need to ask the customers to visit your shop for making payments. They can complete the transaction by saying the card number and other necessary details over the phone. If you have an online store, this payment terminal can be highly helpful in that situation.

- Credit Card Terminal: Well, this is probably one of the basic payment terminals that every merchant must have in order to accept credit card payments from customers. The entire ecosystem is very simple. The customer will swipe or tap on the payment equipment and then, he or she needs to type the pin number. After that, the payments will come into the merchant account from the consumer’s account. Talking about the transaction time, yes, it is very fast as well as secure. But, the device does not support contactless processes or virtual processes. The customers need to stand in front of your counter to make payment. If you like to use portable payment equipment, you still need to bring that device in front of the customers. In both cases, the presence of the customer is required.

Benefits Of Accepting Payments Through Payment Terminals

In this modern era, you need to have technologically advanced payment equipment. You will definitely have benefits after installing such payment tools. Now, the question is what type of advantages you will have after having these tools. Well, we have explained things below:

- Make Your Business Legitimized: Well, you need to make your business legitimized in order to attract global customers. Having advanced payment terminals in your business can increase the overall value of your business. Yes, the customers will see the names of the international brands such as Visa, MasterCard, and others while making payments. It will certainly create a sense of trust. The customers will definitely visit again your business.

- Increase Sales: This point has an inextricable connection with the previous one. Yes, if you can increase the brand value of your business, you will gain more customers. If you have a strong customer base, the sales will be on another level.

Not An IPS Merchant?

As of now, you have realized the need of accepting credit card payments through payment terminals. Now, the fact is that if you do not have a merchant account, you cannot accept credit card payments from the customers. International Payment Solutions can make your merchant account without wasting much time. Moreover, you can get advanced payment equipment from the house of this virtual brand. So, hurry up; become an IPS merchant now.

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