Recurring Invoicing System- Best Way To Automate Business Payments

4 min readMay 26, 2021


Recurring Invoicing System- Best Way To Automate Business Payments

It is a fact that different businesses have different types of ecosystems. Therefore, the business payment system works differently. Some businesses provide subscription-based services whereas some businesses simply follow brick and mortar business structure. In such a case, people come, purchase things and make payments. The entire invoice amount is different and therefore, it becomes very dynamic in nature. But, in some cases, the invoice amount becomes static. The customers pay the same amount every month or every week. In such a case, customers manually make the payment every month or every week. Moreover, the merchants need to call the consumers frequently to give them gentle reminders. It sounds complicated and time-consuming. If merchants do their business in this way, they might not be able to achieve desired growth. This is why they need the recurring invoicing system. It is something through which the merchants can automate the business payments.

You should understand that this is the era of automation and online payments. The manual system has become outdated. A recurring invoicing system will allow the merchants to set up an automatic payment system. In such a case, the payments will get deducted from the account of the customers automatically on the preset date. It will eliminate a lot of problems. For example, the merchants will not have to ping the customers every month or every week for making payments. On the other side, the customers will not have to remember the date of making payment. Everything will happen automatically. So, it is a win-win situation for both the merchants and the consumers.

Know Everything About Invoice

Before getting into a recurring invoicing system, you must understand what an invoice is and why merchants need it. Well, an invoice provides a detailed report of the transaction amount and the goods purchased by the consumer. It consists of a brief breakdown of the cost of the individual service and products. If a consumer purchases anything from your business, you can send that person invoice. An invoice basically adds transparency and reliability to your business. It makes everything clear and therefore, it improves the consumer-merchant relationship. However, if you are a merchant, you must generate the invoice properly. Otherwise, you will have to deal with awkward conversations with the consumers.

Recurring Invoicing System

Recurring billing or recurring invoicing system is one of the core features that top payment processors provide. It helps the merchant to easily process recurring payments. They can do it instantly and efficiently. A recurring invoicing system basically allows the merchants to schedule future payments that have a very recurring nature such as weekly or monthly. They do this after collecting the payment information from the consumers.

Thus, at the moment of signing up, the customer can get charged right away for the first week of service or the first month of service that the customer is subscribing to. After that, the customers can check the payment repeat on their credit cards on the same date, next week or next month, and the weeks after or the months after. It will continue until the customer cancels the service or the merchant discontinues the service. The recurrence and terms of the future payments can generally be set in order to reflect the needs of the merchants. Apparently, it can be said that this recurring invoicing system is specifically designed for subscription-based businesses that generally collect payments from consumers on a recurring basis. In short, the recurring invoicing system makes the billing experience of the clients fast, easy and secure.

Benefits Of Having Recurring Invoicing System

By now, you have got a concrete idea about the recurring invoicing system. Now, you must understand the benefits that you will get after enabling this advanced recurring invoicing system.

- Mitigate The Number Of Late Or Miss Payments: Generally, if you are running a subscription-based business, you need to keep in mind the dates when the service will be renewed. But, if you enable the recurring invoicing system, you can automate the entire business payments. You will get payments on time and thus, this invoicing system will boost your business.

- No Conversations Regarding Payments With Clients Or Customers: Well, you will not have to indulge in any payment conversations with your payments. The recurrent billing system is completely automatic. Instead of chasing payments, you can focus on how you can elevate your entire business to the next level. A recurring billing system also mitigates the overall administrative costs. In the end, you can give a better and elevated customer experience.

Not An IPS Merchant?

As of now, you have understood what a recurring invoicing system is. We have highlighted the benefits of this system. Now, if you want this system, you can visit International Payment Solutions. This virtual payment processor provides a recurring payment system. The platform transparently deals with the merchants and so, you will not have any problem in the future if you choose IPS as your business payment processor.

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