Thermal Paper Rolls: Why Merchants Should Give Full Preference To It In 2021

4 min readJun 29, 2021


Thermal Paper Rolls: Why Merchants Should Give Full Preference To It In 2021

Technology has been evolving and so is the lifestyle of general people. Talking about the present situation, you are probably seeing that thermal paper rolls are being used in various businesses. Now, some merchants out there are questioning the reliability of thermal paper rolls. Is it the future or is there any better alternative? Well, here, we will be explaining everything about thermal paper rolls and we will also let you know why every merchant should have thermal paper rolls in their businesses.

Talking about the history, well, it was in 1960 when thermal printing was invented. Then, with the arrival of fax machines, it came into the mainstream. Talking about the present situation, you can see it everywhere- from gas pumps to grocery stores; from concert hall tickets to schools.

Facts That You Should Know About Thermal Paper Rolls

Although we are mentioning thermal paper rolls again and again; we will be particularly covering the facts about the thermal paper rolls. Have a look at the below-mentioned points to know more about it.

- Thermal paper has been there since 1960. But, the quality of the paper and its efficiency were not up to the mark. Later, in 1980, Japanese dye-based chemistry companies made a partnership with the leading manufacturers of barcode printers such as TEC and Sato in order to develop high-quality thermal papers. After that, it came to the mainstream and supermarkets started using it. During 1990, the global market got advanced thermal printers and after that, businesses started using thermal papers in multiple applications.

- Thermal papers have a special kind of BPA coating that actually enables inkless printing. Now, this is the same chemical that is used to make hard plastics. At present, different industries are extensively using this chemical. Now, there are questions about the negative effects of this chemical on human bodies. Anyways, recent studies have shown that BPA is completely safe for consumers and the environment.

- You will find thermal paper rolls in different shapes and sizes. It is available almost everywhere.

Benefits Of Using Thermal Paper Rolls In Business

Before letting you know the benefits of thermal paper rolls, you must know how this thing actually works. As of now, you have understood that thermal papers have a special kind of chemical coating called BPA coating. It makes the paper highly sensitive to heating. Now, heat is applied through the thermal printer to print images on the surface of the thermal paper.

Now, as a merchant, if you are planning to replace normal paper rolls with thermal paper rolls, you are actually going in the right direction. Still, there are many merchants who might not have a proper idea about this material. Therefore, we have added the key benefits of using thermal paper rolls here.

Quality And Accuracy: Now as a merchant, you will be printing a lot of bills and other staff. Amid this situation, you will have to ensure that the printed items are readable and legible. If you go with regular printing, you will have to invest a lot in printing ink and moreover, regular printers need maintenance. Anyway, thermal papers come up with a very smooth coating. When heat passes through it, it actually gives outstanding output. The outcome is approachable and the customers can properly read each and every detail printed on the thermal paper. Talking about the accuracy, it provides 100% accurate results.

Print Faster: Well, a regular printer takes a few seconds to print things because it basically uses a kind of ribbon in order to transfer the ink. Now, in the case of a thermal printer, there is no such thing. In fact, there is no ink used in thermal printers. Heat passes through the paper and you get the output. In other words, you can print faster, and consequently, it will make the customer handling process more convenient.

Low Maintenance Costs: This is one of the biggest advantages of using thermal paper rolls and thermal printers. In the case of a normal printer, you need to purchase ink and apart from this, you will have to maintain the printer. The repairing cost is an additional burden. Now, talking about the thermal printer, it has a very low maintenance cost compared to the regular printer. It does not have many moving parts. Moreover, there is no ink used to print. Simple thermal printing technology is used.

Reduce The Overall Printing Cost: Well, if you compare it with a normal printer, you will understand the differences. In the case of a normal printer, you have to purchase papers and ink separately. Here, you will only need to purchase thermal paper rolls that come up at a very pocket-friendly price.

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